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Welcome to the dark side
Newport Beach
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This is a role playing game for the new hit show, "The OC".

Rules and Regulations - MUST READ BEFORE ENTERING!

1) This will be set right after episode 6: "The Girlfriend". The plot does not have to follow that of the TV show, but if you wish to follow it, that is fine.

2) All taken characters are listed below. If you do not see a character listed, that means that it is open. If you are interested in filling a role, e-mail me at bethhq@yahoo.com with 'OC RPG' in the subject line.

3) All characters must post at least once a week. If you won't be able to post, you have to let me know. I go on a three-strikes-and-you're-out basis: if you miss posting three times (not in a row), you're out.

4) You must read everyone else's posts before you post! And before you mention someone in your post (that would make a big difference in the storyline), you must consult that person. If you don't see it in the post, do not post about it. Some people are picky (and they have every right to be, it's their character) and don't want to be mentioned unless they give permission.

5) Anything above PG-13 must be put under an lj-cut tag. (That includes R and NC-17)

6) No slash! This also means I prefer to have females play female parts and males play male parts.

7) Have fun!!

Characters that are currently taken -

Ryan Atwood ryan_atwood_lj
Marissa Cooper marissa_cooper
Seth Cohen mrsethcohen
Summer Roberts summerroberts
Kirsten Cohen k_cohen
Anna Stern annastern

Pending taken characters -