Marissa Cooper (marissa_cooper) wrote in oc_rpg,
Marissa Cooper

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what a night...

Tonight was... simply... insane.
I went to the Cohens' for Seth's grandfather's birthday party. I ended up going with Luke, just because I was uncertain about things and he asked... so I decided it was probably a good way to see what it's like to be with him again.

That went really well.. I can't believe how sweet and considerate Luke's been towards me. I think maybe the accident really did make him see how stupid he can sometimes be in the grand scheme of things. So he's changing it... and I'm really happy with the changes.

But I was still confused about us because of Ryan. I don't know what it is about him, but I can't seem to get him off of my mind... it seems like we had such good chemistry... or *something*, I'm not sure...

That's all over now. There is no way I can just throw myself at him like I've been doing when I have someone like Luke, and Ryan's messing around with that girl who married (married!!!) Seth's grandfather. Not even girl, *woman*!

Besides, I've made my decision, regardless. I finally took some of Summer's advice. I think from now on Luke and I will be closer than ever... and I think that it's going to be a really good thing.
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